Application—strike out or deposit order

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  • Application—strike out or deposit order

Applicationstrike out or deposit order

[Insert date]

[insert name] Employment Tribunal

[Insert address]

To the [insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert name of case, eg X v Y]

Claim Number: [insert claim number]

We apply on behalf of the [Claimant OR Respondent] for [an order striking out [part of] the [claim OR response]][ or, in the alternative,] [[an order OR orders] requiring the payment of a deposit].

[We request that a preliminary hearing is listed to consider the application with a time estimate of [insert time estimate] OR We request that the application is considered at the forthcoming Preliminary Hearing listed for [insert time estimate] on [insert date].]

[ Application for order striking out [part of] the [claim OR response]

We apply for an order under rule 37 striking out [part of] the [claim OR response] on the ground[s] that [insert the grounds applicable for the facts of the particular case, eg the claim has no reasonable prospect of success (rule 37(1)(a)) or the part of the claim relating to holiday pay has not been actively pursued (rule 37(1)(d))].

The relevant background and specific grounds for this application are as follows: [insert relevant chronology, correspondence and key considerations, as appropriate]


  1. The Claimant was dismissed from his employment at the Respondent after setting fire to the Respondent’s storage shed. As set out in paragraph 5 of his details of claim, the Claimant accepts that he set fire to the storage

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