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In corporate tax, there’s no hiding. An opinion won’t cut it, unless it’s backed up by authority. And in such a complex, ever-changing area there’s no room for mistakes.


Content written by the author of the leading textbook in this area and includes several sector specific Practice Notes. It links directly to Tolley’s Orange Tax Handbook, Tax Journal and key text De Voil.


Excellent practical content for loans, derivatives and debt capital markets. The content links directly to Tolley’s Yellow Tax Handbook, Simon’s Taxes, Tolley annuals, Tax Journal and key text Ghosh Johnson and Miller.

Taxes management and litigation

This is an area where many people find themselves a bit at sea. Our content is practical, detailed and covers the major issues in dealing with a tax enquiry or dispute.

Trusted tax tests

When you need to delve deeper, Lexis®PSL Tax links you to trusted tax texts, including Tolley’s Yellow and Orange Tax Handbooks, Simon’s Taxes, Sergeant and Sims, De Voil, Tax Journal and Taxation.

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