About Insurance & Reinsurance Law

Lexis®PSL Insurance & Reinsurance caters for both contentious and non-contentious practitioners. It delivers practical guidance on topics ranging from regulatory obligations that apply to insurers and insurance intermediaries, to key legal concepts in insurance and reinsurance law and practice, to guidance on particular classes of insurance.

Insurance contracts

We help you interpret how insurance policies should be considered against insurance legislation and market practice. We have dedicated subtopics on various types of insurance, such as professional indemnity insurance, trade credit insurance and motor insurance.

Insurance claims

We help insurance practitioners interpret policy wording, and provide guidance on how and when to apply principles of aggregation, subrogation, the Insurance Act 2015 and the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010.

Insurance regulation

Provides advise on the The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 which imposes a general prohibition on carrying out regulated activities in the UK other than by an authorised or an exempt person.

About Insurance & Reinsurance Law

The module is designed around a core set of subtopics that deal with the principles of insurance and reinsurance law, such as subrogation or the duty to make a fair risk presentation. These subtopics span insurance, reinsurance, and intermediaries and market practice.

Two other major topics are corporate, and regulation of insurance. These topics include guidance on a range of corporate and regulatory subjects including business transfers, establishment of branches and insolvency. Guidance on innovative or specialised insurance and reinsurance structures such as insurance linked securities and captives is also found here.

Under ‘Regulation of insurance’, we cover all aspects of the national and international regulatory frameworks that apply to insurers, reinsurance and insurance intermediaries. This includes practical guidance on each type of regulated activity, with a firm focus on what is relevant to the insurance industry. It also includes sub-topics dealing with governance and the prudential regulation of insurers.

The module also features subtopics on different types of insurance, all of which have their own characteristics and give rise to particular issues. These subtopics feature Practice Notes covering the relevant legal and practical issues, together with helpful materials such as checklists and precedents for letters before action and statements of case.

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