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Whether you need detailed guidance on starting and running an arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996, assistance on issues such as jurisdictional challenges, appealing arbitral awards and enforcement, or require key information on the practice and procedure of the major international arbitration rules, LexisPSL Arbitration is the place to start.

The Arbitration Act 1996

Get to know the Arbitration Act 1996 inside out with our guidance on all the key sections that make up the Act. Plus, we'll link them to commentary titles like Butterworths Challenges in Arbitration.

Institutional and ad hoc inclusive

Guidance on arbitration pursuant to the rules of leading arbitral institutions, associations and organisations including the ICC, LCIA, LMAA and SIAC.

Practical and skills-focused

Detailed guidance on key tasks, processes and issues, including: remote hearings in international arbitration, cybersecurity and international arbitration, data protection/GDPR and arbitration.

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From detailed guidance on starting an arbitration, help with jurisdictional challenges, appealing and enforcing arbitral awards, to key information on major international arbitration rules, here's the place to start.

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