Application—postponement or adjournment of hearing

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  • Application—postponement or adjournment of hearing

Application—postponement or adjournment of hearing

[Insert date]

[Insert] Employment Tribunal

[insert address]

To the [insert] Employment Tribunal

[Insert case name]

Case No: [Insert case number]

Application under Rule 30(1) for a [postponement OR adjournment OR [of the final hearing OR of a preliminary hearing] on [insert date]

We act for the [Claimant OR Respondent OR in the above matter. We wish to apply pursuant to Rule 30(1) of the Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure 2013 for an order under Rule 29 that the hearing of this matter listed for [insert date(s)] be [postponed OR adjourned].

The hearing date was fixed [with agreement OR without agreement] of the parties.

[We request that a hearing is listed to consider the details of this application. OR We request that this application is determined on the basis of written representations only in order to avoid the need for the parties to attend a hearing and incur the additional associated costs.]

Our reasons for applying for a postponement OR adjournment OR are as follows: [insert reasons—the example text below is for illustrative purposes only]

Example 1: Unavailability of [Claimant OR Respondent OR Witness OR due to ill-health

We regret to inform the tribunal that the [Claimant OR Respondent [if an individual person] OR Claimant’s witness OR Respondent’s witness OR , [insert name], has been informed that she has been scheduled for an operation in relation to [insert

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