Employment tribunal unfair dismissal awards database

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Employment tribunal unfair dismissal awards database
  • The basic award
  • Just and equitable reduction for conduct
  • Unreasonable refusal of reinstatement
  • Redundancy pay
  • The compensatory award (including uplifts and reductions)
  • Award for past loss
  • Award for future loss after the date of the tribunal hearing
  • Loss of statutory rights
  • Deductions for employee’s failure to mitigate their loss
  • More...

Employment tribunal unfair dismissal awards database

This Practice Note contains links to the Harvey Quantum awards database on employment tribunal awards in unfair dismissal cases. The database covers the basic award, the compensatory award, the reinstatement award and the re-engagement award.

The purpose of the database is to give practitioners an idea of the type of factors and circumstances that result in tribunals making particular awards in unfair dismissal cases.

The case notes below summarise the facts and the main reasons for the awards made in each case. The notes are relatively short, but are intended to give sufficient information to be of practical use. These areas are broken down by subject matter.

The entire database can be accessed in Harvey here.

A similar database for discrimination awards is also available in Harvey. See Practice Note: Employment tribunal discrimination awards database and Harvey: Remedies for discrimination—quantum awards.

Practitioners are invited to submit for publication notes of relevant cases with which they have been involved. A small payment will be made for those case notes that are published and a suitable credit will be given.

For details of the most recent annual employment tribunal and EAT statistics, published by the Ministry of Justice, which include details of largest awards, average (mean) and median awards, see Practice Note: Annual employment tribunal and EAT statistics.

The basic award

For more information on the basic award generally,

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