Coronavirus (COVID-19)—issues for employers

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)—issues for employers
  • Relevant guidance
  • Step 4 of the Roadmap
  • Where employees should work
  • Government support schemes
  • Sickness and other absence
  • Managing staff who are at a higher risk
  • Homeworking and hybrid working
  • Testing and vaccination
  • Holiday and holiday pay
  • More...

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—issues for employers

This Practice Note reflects the position under Step 4 of the Roadmap out of lockdown restrictions from 19 July 2021, as set out in the Cabinet Office Summer 2021 coronavirus response and guidance on how to stay safe and help prevent the spread.

This Practice Note gives an overview of the complex employment issues that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic raises for employers. Where appropriate, it refers to relevant legislation and guidance from government and other bodies, and signposts other Practice Notes where those issues are considered in more detail.

It covers the following issues as they may arise during the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. relevant guidance from government departments, Acas and other bodies (see: Relevant guidance below)

  2. Step 4 of the Roadmap

  3. where employees should work

  4. the government support schemes available for employers and employees (see: Government support schemes below)

  5. the various coronavirus-related reasons why employees may be absent from work, and the issues for the employer arising from absence (see: Sickness and other absence below)

  6. managing staff who are clinically vulnerable or higher-risk, clinically extremely vulnerable or pregnant (see: Managing staff who are at a higher risk below)

  7. working from home (see: Homeworking and hybrid working below)

  8. hybrid working (see: Homeworking and hybrid working below)

  9. testing and vaccination (see: Testing and vaccination below)

  10. holiday and holiday pay (see: Holiday and holiday pay below)

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