Letter—resignation from directorship

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  • Letter—resignation from directorship

Letter—resignation from directorship

The [Secretary OR Directors]

[insert company name]

[insert company address]

[Insert date]

Dear [[insert name] OR Company Secretary]

Re: [insert company name] [Limited OR PLC] (the Company)

[If inserting ‘No claims or rights of action' wording: Deed of resignation]

I hereby resign from my office as a director of the Company[ and each of its [subsidiaries OR associates] of which I am a director] with [immediate effect OR effect from [the close of business on ][insert date]].

[No claims or rights of action

I confirm that I have no claim or right of action against the Company[, any of its subsidiaries or associates] and/or its[ or their] directors, officers, employees or shareholders arising out of or in connection with my directorship[s] and/or [its OR their] termination which has arisen at the date of this letter[ or which subsequently arises in respect of acts or omissions occurring before the date of this letter], including (without limitation) any claim:

  1. for breach of contract

  2. in tort[ (except in respect of personal injury)]

  3. for compensation for loss of office

  4. for money due on any basis, including in respect of unpaid directors’

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