Costs warning letter (employment tribunal)

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  • Costs warning letter (employment tribunal)

Costs warning letter (employment tribunal)


[Name and address of other party, or other party’s solicitor]

Dear [insert contact name]

[Insert subject of letter, eg names of parties to the claim, or Your client: [name]]: Employment tribunal claim number: [insert number]

[[We refer to our previous correspondence in relation to these proceedings, OR We refer to the ET3 response form which our client has submitted to the employment tribunal in response to your [client’s ]claim,] in which we have [set out brief details of the party’s position, eg set out that the employment tribunal has no jurisdiction to hear your unfair dismissal claim because you do not have the required period of continuous employment with [enter name]]]

We write to put you on notice that, if [you continue OR your client continues] to pursue [the OR their][claim[s] for OR ground[s] of defence that][insert brief details, eg unfair dismissal, the claim is out of time], our client will make an application to the employment tribunal for a costs order to be made against [you OR your client OR , under Rule 76 of the Employment Tribunal Rules of Procedure 2013.

Rule 76(1)

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