Calculators on Lexis®PSL Employment

The following Employment practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Calculators on Lexis®PSL Employment
  • Automated unfair dismissal schedule of loss
  • Quick calculators

Calculators on Lexis®PSL Employment

This Practice Note explains and summarises the suite of calculators designed specifically to assist employment lawyers by Lexis®PSL Employment.

Automated unfair dismissal schedule of loss

Our automated schedule of loss can be accessed here: Lexis®PSL Employment—Schedule of Loss application.

The application provides a fast and accurate way to prepare a schedule of loss for an unfair dismissal claim. It:

  1. can be used to create a schedule for a claimant or a counter-schedule for a respondent client

  2. carries out the statutory and mathematical calculations required to assess the value of a claim, and

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