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Get all the information you need to remain compliant with the new requirements of the SRA Standards & Regulations, coming into effect on 25 November 2019 and access the broader legislative and regulatory content from our single source.

Your challenge:

Staying ahead of the changing landscape of compliance and ensuring you meet new regulation requirements can be challenging. If you fail to comply with the SRA’s regulations your firm or business is at significant risk of fines, prosecution and reputational damage.

On 25 November 2019 the regulatory world will be changing again with the introduction of the SRA Standards and Regulations. Important changes include:

  • The introduction of two Codes of Conduct
  • A revised set of Accounts Rules
  • Streamlined Principles
  • A revised SRA Enforcement Strategy

Time is short and compliance with the new regime is not optional.

How we can help:

LexisPSL Practice Compliance comes with everything you need to get your compliance house in order, including a range of practical guidance, time-saving tools and helpful templates. News alerts will also keep you up to date with the latest news while compliance forecasts will help you to plan ahead.

To prepare you for the new SRA rules, our practice compliance experts have pieced together the SRA Standards and Regulations, the disparate pieces of SRA supporting guidance and other regulatory and legislative guidance - to work out what all this means in practice for your law firm or business.

With LexisPSL Practice Compliance to hand there’s no need for you to spend your valuable time trying to complete this regulatory puzzle.

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