Client care letter 2019—law firms
Client care letter 2019—law firms

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Client care letter 2019—law firms


Dear [Insert client’s name]

Re [describe matter]

Thank you for your instructions to act on your behalf in connection with [describe matter]. This engagement letter and the attached Terms of Business explain the basis on which we will be acting for you—together they form the contract between us.

Please contact me if you have any difficulty understanding this letter or other information we may provide, eg if you require information to be provided in larger text, another format or a different language.

    1. 1

      Contact details and supervision

      The person dealing with your matter is [insert name of person handling matter], who is a [insert status]. Their contact details are:

      [insert address/telephone/email/fax]

      The best way to contact [insert name of handler] is [insert best contact method and times].

      If [insert handler] is not available, the following members of staff may be able to deal with any queries you have:

      [insert names and contact details of other members of staff who can help with queries]

      The person with overall responsibility for supervising your matter is [insert name], who is [insert status].

    1. 2

      Scope of services

      [Insert a detailed description of the scope of services, ie what you are instructed to do and have agreed to do]

      [State your understanding of the client’s requirements and objectives]

      We will provide legal advice and services to you with reasonable care and skill. However, the nature of many types of legal work means that

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