Letter—to employee enclosing settlement agreement

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  • Letter—to employee enclosing settlement agreement

Letter—to employee enclosing settlement agreement

[Type on employer's letterhead]

Without prejudice & subject to contract

Strictly private & confidential

[Insert name and address of employee]

[Insert date]

Dear [insert name of employee]

Re: [insert name of employer] (the Company)

Enclosed with this letter is a draft settlement agreement containing the Company's proposals, made on a without prejudice basis, for [resolving its dispute with you OR terminating your employment][ and generally settling all or any claims [arising in connection with your employment, or its termination, ]which you have or may in the future have against the Company[ and against any people or companies associated with it]].[ This means that, once the agreement is finalised and accepted by you, you will not be entitled to compensation for any further benefits, payments or awards you may have received had your employment not terminated.]

This letter is not notice of termination of your employment: you remain employed by the Company[ but need not attend work or perform the duties of your employment, unless you wish to do so] during the period allowed for negotiating and agreeing a settlement. This period commences as

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