Modern slavery risk assessment
Modern slavery risk assessment

The following Practice Compliance guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Modern slavery risk assessment
  • Supplier risk—existing suppliers
  • Stage 1: high-level assessment
  • Stage 2: in-depth examination
  • Supplier risk—new suppliers
  • Recruitment risk—using recruitment agents
  • Identifying and reporting concerns and training

In order to determine the level of risk of modern slavery posed to our organisation we have identified and assessed the features of our business which are particularly vulnerable to these types of practice, namely:

  1. existing suppliers

  2. new suppliers

  3. using recruitment agents

  4. recruitment generally

This document sets out some of the key steps we are taking to mitigate these risks.

Supplier risk—existing suppliers

We identify, map and maintain details of all suppliers.

We have a two-stage process to risk assess individual suppliers.

Stage 1: high-level assessment

We use this as a means to categorise suppliers as high, medium o