Policy—sabbaticals (contract continues)
Policy—sabbaticals (contract continues)

The following Employment guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Policy—sabbaticals (contract continues)

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      This policy sets out the Company’s policy in relation to sabbaticals, which usually last between [insert number, eg two] and [insert number, eg six] months. During a sabbatical, your employment will continue but your right to salary and[ certain] other benefits will be suspended.[ If you wish instead to take a longer career break, see the Company’s Career Breaks Policy, which is available from the [HR department].]

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      This policy applies only to employees. It does not apply to agency workers, consultants[, contractors], volunteers[, interns] or casual workers.

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      This policy has been [agreed OR implemented following consultation] with [[enter name of relevant trade union(s)] OR [enter name of works council] OR [enter name of staff association]].

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      This policy does not form part of any contract of employment and the Company may amend it at any time.

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      Sabbaticals are granted at the absolute discretion of the Company, and the Company’s decision is final.

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      [You may wish to request a sabbatical for a variety of reasons, including: OR The circumstances in which the Company may consider a sabbatical are:]

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