A-Z of cyberthreats—for staff
A-Z of cyberthreats—for staff

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  • A-Z of cyberthreats—for staff

ThreatWhat is it?Our defensive measures
BotnetCollection of infected computers remotely controlled by a hacker.
The hacker can share or sell access to the computers to other cybercriminals to be used to distribute spam or overload a system.
See Malware and Hacking
Chain lettersAn email that encourages the user to forward copies to other people.
Not a security threat but can waste time and slow down mail servers.
We ensure users know not to forward chain letters or hoaxes.
We try to stay informed about chain letters and hoaxes.
Commercial identity theftBogus firms are essentially committing commercial identity theft.
They present a significant risk to the interests of consumers and our reputation if we become associated with one, eg because it uses our name.
Can pose risks to our clients too, who may be tricked into sharing information or paying over money.
Often, the perpetrators use data from law firms themselves to make their activities look more genuine.
We try not to give over too much information about the firm and our activities.
We monitor mentions of our firm’s name online to detect fraudulent activity.
We dispose of firm data securely, eg by shredding.
CookieFiles that allow websites to remember details and track visits.
Designed to be helpful.
Cannot harm data but can compromise confidentiality.
We disable cookies as appropriate.
Data lossAccidentally losing data, eg by loss of the device containing the data (laptop, mobile

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