Data protection compliance—self-audit

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  • Data protection compliance—self-audit

Data protection compliance—self-audit

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

ICO expectationLexisNexis® guidanceLexisNexis® Precedents and tools
☐  Conduct information audit to map data flowsData protection compliance planning—Data mappingSample data processing map
Data mapping—internal questionnaire
☐  Document what personal data you hold, where it came from, who you share it with and what you do with itIntroduction to the EU GDPR and UK GDPR—Accountability and governanceData processing register
☐  Identify and document your lawful bases for processingProcessing personal data—lawful processingData processing register
☐  Review how you ask for and record consentProcessing personal data—standard of consent
Processing personal data—obtaining, recording and managing consent
Consent to process personal data—sample wording
Preference centre supplier questionnaire
☐  Implement systems to record and manage ongoing consentProcessing personal data—obtaining, recording and managing consentPreference centre supplier questionnaire
☐  Implement systems for obtaining and managing children’s consent to process personal data for online services (if relevant)Children and data protection law
Children and data protection law—the age appropriate design code (children’s code)
To follow
☐  Clearly document the circumstances where you may be required to process data to protect the vital interests of an individual (if relevant)Processing personal data—lawful processing
This is most likely to be relevant in the context of the employment relationship
Policy—data protection
☐  Conduct a legitimate interest assessment, where you rely on legitimate interests as the lawful basis for processingProcessing personal data—legitimate interests
Processing personal data—conducting a legitimate interest assessment
Processing personal data—legitimate interests—practical

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