Creating a decision making framework
Creating a decision making framework

The following Risk & Compliance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Creating a decision making framework
  • Why do we need a decision framework?
  • How do I create a decision framework?
  • What tools can I use to help with decision making?
  • Formulating a RACI
  • Using a decision matrix
  • Where shall I start?

Hundreds of decisions are made every day that are taken effectively and implemented well. But there are also decisions made that may seem confused, over-complicated or ineffective. This Practice Note considers why you need a decision making framework, what such a framework should include, tools you can use during the decision making process and how to create and implement a decision making framework for your organisation.

Why do we need a decision framework?

Decision frameworks provide a structured way to make decisions that support and enhance the organisation. The goal for all decision making should be to maximise the probability of positive outcomes.

A decision framework will enable you (or your department or organisation) to:

  1. keep everybody aligned

  2. ensure decisions are visible through all levels of planning

  3. make clear how choices and plans support department or organisational strategies

  4. work in an ethical way

  5. meet compliance and regulatory requirements

  6. make decisions at the right pace based on a clear process

  7. consult the right people, but clearly identify the final decision maker

  8. gain stakeholder buy-in for implementing the decision

In your organisation, effective decision making may already be built into your competency frameworks. See Practice Note: Competency framework for an example in-house legal team competency framework. Developing a decision framework provides the opportunity to reinforce key principles, behaviours and attitudes around decision making, and enables you to measure and assess

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