BD and marketing plan—detailed
BD and marketing plan—detailed

The following Practice Management precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • BD and marketing plan—detailed
  • 1 Internal analysis
  • 2 External analysis
  • 3 BD and marketing aims, goals and objectives
  • 4 Strategies
  • 5 Campaigns, activities and systems
  • 6 Budget and resource
  • 7 Monitoring
  • Appendix 1 Campaign plan
  • Appendix 2 Content plan
  • More...

Date of plan[insert date]
Person with overall responsibility for plan[insert the name of the person in the firm who is ultimately responsible for the BD and marketing plan]
    1. 1

      Internal analysis

      1. 1.1

        Mission statement and business plan

        Firm values, mission statement and positioning[insert a summary of the firm’s purpose and its vision and values so it is clear what the firm stands for, eg Our Mission is to provide our clients with innovative and good value legal solutions, excellent legal advice and representation and a dedication to quality customer service]
        Summary of firm’s business plan/strategy
      1. 1.2

        SWOT analysis

      1. 1.3

        Financial analysis

        Fee income and profit for the current year
        (for each department/sector and/or office)
        [insert fee income and profit figures for the current year]
        Fee income and profit for the previous 3 years
        (for each department/sector and/or office)
      1. 1.4

        Matrix of markets and services

        Market 1 [eg, High net worth individuals]Market 2 [eg Real estate developers]Market 3 [eg FTSE 100 companies]
        Service 1 [eg, tax planning]
        Service 2 [eg, acquisition finance]
        Service 3 [eg, probate administration]
        Service 4 [eg, workplace accidents]
      1. 1.5

        Client and referrer relationships

        Key referrers and work generated
        Main sources of work for the previous 3

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