LCIA (2014)—arbitration under the LCIA Rules
LCIA (2014)—arbitration under the LCIA Rules

The following Arbitration guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • LCIA (2014)—arbitration under the LCIA Rules
  • The LCIA—a three-tier organisation
  • The LCIA Rules govern the arbitral proceedings
  • Paying the costs of arbitration proceedings
  • Duration and cost of an LCIA arbitration
  • Additional key features of the LCIA Rules

This Practice Note concerns London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) arbitration proceedings pursuant to the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014 effective 1 October 2014 (the LCIA Rules). For practical guidance on arbitration pursuant to the LCIA Rules 1998, the previous version, see the relevant Practice Notes here: LCIA arbitration—overview.

The LCIA is a well-established, international arbitral institution and the second most prominent arbitration institution in Europe (after the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)). It is equipped to handle the full range of disputes up to the largest, most complex international commercial arbitration proceedings. Most of the arbitrations which the LCIA administers are commenced under the LCIA Rules but it also administers, and provides other services, such as fundholding and acting as an appointing authority, in arbitrations under ad hoc arbitration rules, notably the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Arbitration Rules.

For information on the LCIA’s casework, see Practice Note: Arbitration statistics and surveys.

The LCIA—a three-tier organisation

The LCIA comprises:

  1. a not-for-profit company which:

    1. is limited by guarantee

    2. comprises a board made up of experienced, largely London-based arbitration practitioners

    3. is principally concerned with the operation and development of the LCIA’s business, and

    4. does not have an active role in case administration

  2. the LCIA Court which:

    1. is made up of up to 35 members appointed by the LCIA’s board (selected