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Today, you could be advising an entrepreneur on a new start-up; tomorrow, facilitating a fundraiser on the financial markets. Whatever the area, you need rapid access to authoritative answers on corporate law, and time-saving tools that boost your productivity.

Your challenge:

How can you find answers to tricky legal questions quickly and work efficiently while ensuring you give clients high-quality advice, and stay SRA and FSA-compliant? What would help you delegate more work to junior colleagues, confident that they will produce consistently accurate, trustworthy and billable work?

How we can help:

LexisNexis® provides you with an extensive range of corporate law content, written by experts. Practice notes link to regulatory rules, the Takeover Code and other primary sources giving the answers you need quickly. Flowcharts and checklists help you manage client work smoothly, while market updates help identify new business opportunities.

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