Limitation of liability—training materials

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  • Limitation of liability—training materials

Limitation of liability—training materials

These Training Materials provide an introduction to exemption clauses and cover the basic areas of relevance for commercial lawyers when drafting and reviewing clauses excluding and limiting liability. They include template PowerPoint slides and associated notes for use by a trainer when outlining the law relating to the limitation of liability in the context of the drafting and negotiating of business-to-business contracts by commercial lawyers. Topics covered include: exemption clauses, construction, types of breach, types of loss, statutory controls under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the Misrepresentation Act 1967, methods of excluding and limiting liability, third parties and frequently asked questions.

At the end of each section of the presentation there is a ‘Top tips’ slide and speaker notes which provide practical suggestions and recaps on the main points covered in the preceding section.

The training materials are customisable.

Click the link below to download the PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Exemption clauses

    1. An example clause

    2. Incorporation

  2. Construction

    1. General rules

    2. Contra proferentum

    3. The modern approach

    4. Negligence

    5. Exclusions v limitations?

    6. Broad exclusions

    7. The document as a whole

    8. Representations as to the effect of exemption clauses

  3. Types of breach

  4. Types of loss

    1. Direct loss

    2. Consequential and indirect

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