Guidelines for the supervision of trainees

The following Practice Management precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Guidelines for the supervision of trainees

Guidelines for the supervision of trainees

This document provides guidance to [partners OR members OR directors][, managers] and any other member of staff involved in supervising trainee solicitors.

What the SRA expects from us

The SRA imposes general requirements on supervising work, together with specific regulatory requirements in relation to training and supervising our trainee solicitors. The SRA’s requirements are slightly different depending on when the trainee started their training contract. The requirements are supplemented by guidance on the SRA website.

The SRA’s requirements can be found in:

  1. the SRA Codes of Conduct, which contain the SRA’s core requirements in relation to supervision generally

  2. the SRA Training Regulations 2014, Qualification and Provider Regulations, which apply to training contracts that started before 24 November 2019

  3. the SRA Education, Training and Assessment Provider Regulations, which apply to training contracts starting on or after 25 November 2019

We are committed to providing training that:

  1. is properly supervised in accordance with the SRA’s requirements

  2. supports trainees and ensures they meet the Practice Skills Standards (see below)

  3. [provides practical experience in at least three distinct areas of English and Welsh law and practice]

  4. includes regular review and appraisal of the trainee’s performance and development and their record of training

The training principal

The Firm has appointed [insert name of training principal] to be its training principal.

The training principal will ensure that training is given in accordance

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