Dealing Procedures Manual
Dealing Procedures Manual

The following Corporate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Dealing Procedures Manual
  • Schedule 1
  • Defined Terms
  • Schedule 2
  • Dealing
  • Schedule 3
  • Pro forma notice following additions to the insider list or project list
  • Schedule 4
  • Pro forma notice following removal from the insider list or project list
  • Schedule 5
  • more

This precedent memorandum sets out the procedures to be followed by a listed company and its subsidiaries in relation to dealings in company securities. The purpose of this memorandum is to assist the company so that it complies with its obligations under the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 and to ensure that the company has the necessary systems and procedures in place to assist its persons discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMRs) and other employees of the company and its subsidiaries so that they comply with their obligations under the company’s Dealing Code and the Market Abuse Regulation. This precedent is the product of an industry-led development of codes, guidance and best practice prepared by The Chartered Governance Institute (formerly known as ICSA: The Governance Institute), GC100, the Quoted Companies Alliance and other market participants.


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