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Shipping and net zero

Shipping and net zero
Published on: 15 December 2020
Published by: LexisPSL
  • Shipping and net zero
  • What is the legal framework surrounding decarbonising of shipping? How much of the world’s emissions stem from shipping?
  • Are shipping companies making net zero pledges? Which companies are leading the charge and in what part of the shipping sector is this being seen—owners, charterers etc?
  • Where is the pressure coming from to make these pledges—stakeholders, regulatory drivers?
  • How will these companies achieve these pledges practically?
  • How will Brexit affect any of this (if at all—as the EU climate change legislation is still in draft vs UK Climate Change Act 2008 (CCA 2008) commitments)?
  • Are there any other interesting angles in this area from other jurisdictions that are relevant, given that shipping doesn’t affect just one region?

Article summary

Environment analysis: Beth Bradley and Rachel Hoyland, partner and senior associate at Hill Dickinson, discuss the legal framework surrounding the decarbonisation of shipping, net zero shipping pledges and the impact of Brexit on decarbonising efforts. or take a trial to read the full analysis.

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