Competition Audit Information Request

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Competition Audit Information Request

Competition law affects businesses of all sizes—larger multinational companies operating across a number of territories and small and medium sized businesses. This Practice Note provides a sample list of questions that can be used in order to carry out a high level competition audit. The competition analysis depends on a larger part to the particular parties and the markets in which they operate. The checklist below is a simplification of the complex issues and you should therefore consider carefully whether each of the sample list of questions are appropriate in the circumstances of the company your are carrying out an audit for.

Sample questions

  1. Please provide a complete list of the markets [company] operates in. Please provide a brief description of these activities.

  2. For the product/service markets [company] considers it competes in, as identified in response to the bullet point immediately above, please estimate [company’s] market shares. Does it exceed 40%?

  3. Does [company] keep records of market development and factors supporting market definition shares, with the possible relevant product and geographical markets?

  4. Is [company] subject to any regulatory constraints?

  5. For the product/service markets identified above, please identify [company’s] main competitors. Where possible, please estimate their market shares.

  6. For any markets you have identified where [company] has a market share of 40% or above, please identity what advantages [company] may have compared to

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