What is the Joint Fire Code referred to in JCT contracts and when does it apply?

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Published on LexisPSL on 23/02/2018

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  • What is the Joint Fire Code referred to in JCT contracts and when does it apply?

The publication known as the ‘Joint Fire Code’ provides guidance on fire prevention on construction sites. It applies to all parties involved in the supply chain, including those responsible for construction on site, as well as those who specify and design.

The full title of the Joint Fire Code is ‘Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire of Construction Sites and Buildings Undergoing Renovation’. It is produced by the insurance and construction industries together and compliance with the code is normally required by insurers for larger construction projects. The objective of the Joint Fire Code is to prevent fires on construction sites. It can be purchased in hard copy form from the Fire Prevention Association, RIBA and others.

The Joint Fire Code was first published in 1992 and the most recent edition (the 9th edition) was published in 2015. It was first published following two fires which caused a combined loss of more than £150m and which led to the insurance industry questioning whether it was economically viable to continue to insure construction projects. Since its publication, it has helped to improve standards of fire safety on construction sites.

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