Loan Market Association—key cases

The following Banking & Finance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Loan Market Association—key cases

Loan Market Association—key cases

This Practice Note sets out key cases that specifically reference Loan Market Association (LMA) standard form documentation and lists any relevant associated content.

The information is set out in reverse date order.

Please note that there are many additional cases that involve provisions that typically appear in loan agreements and other finance documents, including LMA based documentation. These may also be of relevance when looking at any given clause based on the LMA standard forms.

To assist you with your research, you may wish to look at the Banking & Finance case tracker—this sets out all cases (including a short summary) that the Banking & Finance team has reported on since January 2013, divided into topics.

You may also wish to look at our key case lists set out below. These contain the key cases on a particular topic or area of law and are not date limited:

  1. Acceleration of debt and enforcement of security—key cases

  2. Assignment—key cases

  3. Construction of finance documents—key cases

  4. Fixed and floating charges—key cases

  5. Guarantees—key cases

  6. Material adverse change clauses—key cases

  7. Schemes of arrangement—key cases

  8. Set-off—key cases

  9. Validity of security—key cases

  10. Resolving debt capital markets disputes—key cases

  11. Resolving derivatives disputes—key cases

  12. Resolving structured products and

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