Industry Codes—Gas
Industry Codes—Gas

The following Energy guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Industry Codes—Gas
  • What are Industry Codes?
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What are Industry Codes?

In addition to legislation and licence conditions, the gas wholesale and retail markets in Great Britain (GB) are supported by a number of industry codes which set out the rules that govern the industry and which licence holders and other participants must maintain, adhere to or become a party to, and which collectively define the terms under which industry participants can access the gas network. Details and links to these codes are set out below. For a consolidated list of all key industry bodies and codes across the GB gas and electricity market, see Practice Note: Industry Bodies and Codes—Electricity and gas market

Code Administrator

Each code has a designated Code Administrator, which acts as the point of contact for each code, where further information in relation to the relevant code can be found by users. Each Code Administrator must administer their functions in respect of their respective codes in accordance with the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) and acts as a 'critical friend' to code users, providing support to all with an interest in the code modification process and consumer representatives.

While the CACoP sets out the principles and processes which code administrators are committed to following, code administrators must comply with the relevant code and associated licences. Where inconsistencies or conflicts exist between the relevant codes and the CACoP,