Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR)—update October 2020 [Archived]
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The following Corporate Crime practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR)—update October 2020 [Archived]
  • Reissue of the CrimPR
  • Temporary amendments necessitated by the Coronavirus Act 2020
  • Rearrangement of CrimPR, Part 3—case management
  • New rule on ground rules hearings
  • Service of court documents on court officers
  • Extension of time limits for same day service by electronic means of documents in sentencing reference cases
  • Low-level shoplifting
  • Special measures directions without application
  • Relocation of rules about reopening cases in magistrates’ courts
  • More...

rules'>Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR)—update October 2020 [Archived]

ARCHIVED: This Practice Note has been archived and is not maintained. This Practice Note explains the key changes which were made to the Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR) on 5 October 2020 when the old version of the Criminal Procedure Rules 2015, SI 2015/1490 were revoked and replaced by the Criminal Procedure Rules 2020, SI 2020/759. The CrimPR have since been amended.

The CrimPR govern the practice and procedure to be followed in all criminal courts in England and Wales including magistrates' courts, Crown Courts, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and in extradition appeal cases before the High Court.

For further analysis of CrimPR, SI 2020/759, see News Analysis: An overview of the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2020.

Reissue of the CrimPR

The CrimPR are typically amended twice a year and the changes come into force on the first Monday of April or October annually. Each revision is made by a statutory instrument amending the current consolidated set of rules. The Criminal Procedure Rules Committee (CPRC) consolidate the CrimPR at five yearly intervals with the most recent consolidation exercise occurring on 5 October 2020 when CrimPR, SI 2015/1490 was revoked and replaced by CrimPR, SI 2020/759.

The CrimPR, SI 2020/759 consolidate all CrimPR, SI 2015/1490, with the 11 sets of amending statutory instruments which have been made, reorder the provisions of Part 3

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