Special measures
Produced in partnership with Thomas Evans of 3 Paper Buildings

The following Corporate Crime practice note produced in partnership with Thomas Evans of 3 Paper Buildings provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Special measures
  • Eligibility
  • Vulnerable witnesses
  • Intimidated witnesses
  • Quality of evidence
  • The role of the court
  • Time-limits for special measures applications
  • Giving evidence behind screens—YJCEA 1999, s 23
  • Use of live links—YJCEA 1999, s 24
  • Video-recorded evidence-in-chief—YJCEA 1999, s 27
  • More...

Special measures

Part II to the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 (YJCEA 1999) contains a series of measures that the court can direct to protect the needs of vulnerable and intimidated prosecution or defence witnesses. These are in addition to the general case management powers available to the court contained in the Criminal Procedure Rules 2020, SI 2020/759 (CrimPR), Part 3, for which see Practice Note: Pre-trial and case management hearings in the Crown Court.

The measures cannot be applied for the benefit of the defendant. For information on the steps which may be taken in relation to the defendant, see Practice Note: Special measures for

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