Claimant witness statement on quantum
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  • Claimant witness statement on quantum

Claimant witness statement on quantum

Filed on behalf of the claimant

Witness Statement of [insert initial and surname of witness]

Number of witness statement: [insert number of witness statement in relation to the witness]

Exhibit details: [insert initials and number of each exhibit referred to]

Date on which statement was made: [insert date]

[Date of translation: [insert date]]

Claim No. [insert number]


  1. A        Claimant

  1. and

  1. B        Defendant




I, [insert full name], of [insert full address and occupation] make oath and say as follows:

    1. 1

      The facts and matters set out in this witness statement are within my own knowledge unless otherwise stated, and I believe them to be true.

    1. 2

      [I drafted this witness statement myself and these are my own words. OR This witness statement was prepared on my behalf by [insert name and/or role of person who drafted the document] following discussions [in person OR over the telephone OR [insert other form of communication] AND/OR [through an interpreter.]]]

    1. 3

      I am the claimant and I make this witness statement in support of my claim for damages for personal injury and losses I suffered as a result of a road accident which occurred at [time] on [date] on the [name or number of road] in [town, city or other identification of place] when [very brief description of the

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