Loss of congenial employment

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Loss of congenial employment

Nature of the award

A claimant who is precluded from doing a job they enjoy is entitled to claim loss of congenial employment. This award relates specifically to the loss of enjoyment of their former employment and is quite separate from any direct financial loss. Some judges prefer to factor this into the award for pain suffering and loss of amenity, but a claim for loss of congenial employment is recognised as a separate head of damage.

This head of loss will normally arise in instances where the claimant’s pre-accident job was of an unusual nature, although the claimant need only prove that they took a great deal of satisfaction and fulfilment from their work. While compensation was traditionally made in respect of jobs that involve a vocation or the application of particular skills, such as firefighters, doctors and military personnel, there are now examples of awards in a wide range of occupations, including awards in relation to a publisher, florist and kick-boxer.

See: Loss of congenial employment

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