Technical Advice Note 8: planning for renewable energy in Wales
Technical Advice Note 8: planning for renewable energy in Wales

The following Energy practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Technical Advice Note 8: planning for renewable energy in Wales
  • Policy context
  • Onshore wind
  • Offshore wind
  • Onshore renewable energy technologies
  • Design and Energy
  • Development control
  • Pre-application
  • Planning conditions and obligations
  • Monitoring

Policy context

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 8 provides technical advice to supplement the policy set out in Planning Policy Wales (PPW), and should be read in conjunction with PPW. In addition, the Welsh Parliament published practice guidance in 2010 to support the facilitation of renewable and low carbon energy development through the planning system. These documents provide additional guidance in support of PPW and TAN 8. All of these documents may be material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals. See Practice Note: Planning policy in Wales.

TAN 8, the PPW and the practice guidance documents must be taken into account by local planning authorities (LPAs) in Wales in the preparation of local development plans (LDPs), including during sustainability appraisal, and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). LDPs should promote high standards of energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy as a part of the national and international response to climate change. LPAs should consider the local availability of renewable energy resources and develop suitable policies that promote their implementation.

TAN 8 is also relevant to the authorisation of electricity generation schemes by the UK government under the Electricity Act 1989, s 36 (EA 1989) and to Transport and Works Act 1992 (TWA 1992) Orders.

Since the publication of TAN 8, there have been some policy and legislative changes. Annex A of the Chief Planning

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