Sustainable finance—recent news
Sustainable finance—recent news

The following Banking & Finance practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

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This Practice Note links to news on sustainable finance, including green loans and green bonds, that has been published since 2019. Due to the global nature of the topic of sustainability, we will continue to track international and EU developments. For news published from 2016–2018, see Practice Note: Sustainable Finance—2016–2018 news [Archived].

2021 News

DateNews story
6 May 2021BIS and Italian G20 Presidency launch TechSprint Initiative—LNB News 06/05/2021 80
6 May 2021Provisional agreement on EU climate neutrality reached—LNB News 06/05/2021 26
6 May 2021Finance Watch calls on EU policymakers to propose solutions for ‘doom loop’—LNB News 06/05/2021 18
6 May 2021ISDA publishes new US REC Annex—LNB News 06/05/2021 61
5 May 2021FCA publishes article on banking, climate and competition—LNB News 05/05/2021 71
5 May 2021WFE report sets out action plan for derivatives exchanges to improve sustainability practices—LNB News 05/05/2021 34
4 May 2021Industry bodies publish joint letter to Commission on sustainable corporate governance—LNB News 04/05/2021 41
29 April 2021Frank Elderson calls for ‘drastic action’ to incorporate climate change into banks’ risk frameworks—LNB News 29/04/2021 51
29 April 2021Inquiry launched into government’s approach to climate change and pensions—LNB News 29/04/2021 100
28 April 2021Policy Vision on ‘driving forward’ UK leadership and sustainable finance published—LNB News 28/04/2021 65
26 April 2021LMA publishes overview detailing current approaches to ESG provisions—LNB News 26/04/2021 71
26 April 2021New FCA webpages set out FCA’s sustainable finance strategy and climate-related reporting requirements—LNB News 26/04/2021

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