NEC Supply Contract

The following Construction practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • NEC Supply Contract
  • Overview of the NEC Supply Contract
  • The NEC Supply Contract options
  • Notable provisions of the NEC Supply Contract
  • Goods Information/Scope
  • Contract management and the programme
  • Testing and defects
  • Title to the goods
  • Risks and liability
  • Termination
  • More...

NEC Supply Contract

Overview of the NEC Supply Contract

The NEC Supply Contract, or ‘SC’, is part of the NEC3 and NEC4 suites of contracts (see Practice Note: NEC contracts—introduction). Most construction practitioners will be more familiar with the NEC3/NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (EEC), but where the employer wishes to purchase goods or plant and material in relation to a project, the NEC3/NEC4 Supply Contract may also form part of the documentation for a project. The Supply Contract could also be used as a standalone contract to purchase goods where a significant degree of management control is required (but, as with any contract, should be carefully considered to ensure that the terms do not conflict with any other non-NEC contracts used in relation to the same project).

The NEC Supply Contract is designed to be used for the purchase of high value goods and related services. The NEC have drafted this with the intention that it be more even handed between the buyer and seller than parties' own standard terms and conditions of supply are likely to be.

The NEC3/NEC4 Supply Contract could be used to purchase high value plant and machinery, in the mining or energy sectors or for heavy manufacturing or production facilities. It can also be used where a party is procuring goods for others to use as part of a construction project. The

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