LexisNexis Mentoring Programme

Lacking the support you had in a law firm? Join our mentoring programme and learn from experienced peers while developing your leadership and management skills.


Why the need for a mentoring programme?

We’ve listened to lots of in-house lawyers talk about how they don’t have the same support they had in a law firm. Combined with the need to pick up a whole new set of skills it can be very isolating. In-house lawyers have told us how they have really benefited from being part of a mentoring scheme and we thought that it would be great if we could give more in-house lawyers the opportunity to have this experience. Learning from more experienced colleagues is one of the best ways to develop skills and careers. The mentor also benefits from improving their leadership and management skills. There are no fees involved, it’s a nice opportunity for us to help.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the relationship where a mentee is paired up with a mentor to help them develop and achieve their goals. Mentoring is about mutual trust and respect. It is a two-way relationship – you both get the chance to learn new things. Every mentoring relationship is different, but each will present the opportunity for both mentor and mentee to learn from each other.

Will I get anything from it?

We have over 100 people in the scheme and both mentors and mentees say how useful they find it. Here’s what our participants had to say:

  • ‘opportunity to chat through challenges and issues with someone who has experience and is unconnected to your business’
  • ‘it gives me an insight into the challenges my own team may be facing’
  • ‘networking, introductions and friendships’
  • ‘it gives me a greater awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses’

Benefits for the mentor

Becoming a mentor isn’t just a ‘nice thing to do’ it can have a positive impact on your personal development and future career. Typical benefits include:

  • reinforcing and refreshing your own knowledge in your specialist field
  • improving your coaching and development skills—knowing how to do something and enabling someone else to do it are two very different things
  • an opportunity to build strong working relationships within the organization
  • clearer understanding of the challenges faced by those further down the ladder
  • development of leadership skills
  • improved self-awareness
  • increased confidence in your capabilities
  • the motivation high of helping someone else accomplish something

Benefits for the mentee

The benefits go beyond simply ‘learning new stuff’ and other benefits include:

  • the opportunity to observe a successful manager up close
  • great practical tips and advice from someone who’s ‘been there’
  • fantastic networking opportunity
  • a chance to get your voice heard at more senior levels
  • developing your communication skills
  • improved personal reflection and self-awareness
  • enhanced long term career planning
  • setting personal and career goals and being held to account on your progress
  • you’ll get to grip new skills a lot more quickly, and be able to focus in on the specific skills you’ll need to progress

Join today

To sign up for our mentoring scheme please complete the short profile form. The information provided will help us to match you based on your level of experience, desired learning outcomes and interests.

Once we are happy we have found a good match we will get in touch with you to let you know about the other person. We will check you are both happy too, and then leave it to you to make contact and arrange your first meeting.

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