LexisNexis offers deep and broad pensions law coverage, from day-to-day matters to bespoke cases, underpinned by Tolley’s and other authorities. Unique legislation and consultation trackers keep you up to date with changes, their impact and their effective dates.

Your challenge:

Given the complexity of pensions law and the rapid pace of change, it’s important to stay up to speed – incorrect advice could so easily lead to a professional negligence claim. It’s also a competitive market, so how do you reduce costs and retain clients?

How we can help:

LexisNexis services help you advise confidently in this fast-moving field. We offer news, alerts and tracking services, complemented by easy-to-access expert guidance on the practical implications of changes and developments, underpinned by the UK’s most comprehensive and authoritative library of research, commentary and source materials.

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