Retained EU law—training materials

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  • Retained EU law—training materials

Retained EU law—training materials

These training materials consist of template PowerPoint slides that can be used as the basis of one or more training seminars providing an introduction to retained EU law. It is anticipated that those providing training will use these slides as a helpful starting point for their presentation(s) and amend them accordingly to reflect their particular area of practice.

The training materials are customisable.

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These training materials cover the following:

  1. What is retained EU law?

  2. How is retained EU law defined?

  3. What do the relevant provisions say?

  4. EU-derived domestic legislation

  5. Direct EU legislation

  6. Rights etc, recognised and available under European Communities Act 1972, s 2(1)

  7. Retained case law

  8. Summary of inclusions

  9. Summary of exclusions

  10. Publication

  11. Tips for interpretation

  12. Flowchart of points to consider when looking at retained EU law

  13. Checklist of key provisions

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