Civil partnership dissolution—client guide

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  • Civil partnership dissolution—client guide

Civil partnership dissolution—client guide

This document provides general guidance regarding procedure for dissolving a civil partnership. Your family lawyer will be able to provide specific advice based on your circumstances.

How do I apply for a dissolution?

To apply for a civil partnership dissolution (the civil partnership terminology for divorce) your civil partnership must have been entered into at least a year prior to the application for dissolution. It doesn’t matter where in the world you formalised your relationship, but you can only apply for a dissolution in England and Wales if either you or your civil partner meet certain residence conditions or are domiciled here. You should speak to your family lawyer about this if you are in any doubt.

The dissolution process is generally administrative. This means that usually neither of you will need to see a judge to get a dissolution, as it is almost always agreed by a judge on the paperwork. The process is simple as long as your partner does not decide to defend the proceedings and ask the court not to grant your dissolution. When this happens there is a different process, but defended proceedings are costly and thankfully very rare.

If you and your partner are not in agreement regarding arrangements for any children of the family and/or finances these will be dealt with separately (but at the same time) from

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