385 Miscellaneous definitions
385 Miscellaneous definitions

(1)     The following definitions have effect—

[“adjudicator” means a person appointed by the Secretary of State under section 398A;]

“the court”, in relation to any matter, means the court to which, in accordance with section 373 in Part X and the rules, proceedings with respect to that matter are allocated or transferred;

[“creditors' decision procedure” has the meaning given by section 379ZA(11);]

“creditor's petition” means a bankruptcy petition under section 264(1)(a);

“criminal bankruptcy order” means an order under section 39(1) of the Powers of Criminal Courts Act 1973;

“debt” is to be construed in accordance with section 382(3);

“the debtor”—

[(za)     in relation to a debt relief order or an application for such an order, has the same meaning as in Part 7A,]

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