30 Arrest elsewhere than at police station

30  Arrest elsewhere than at police station

[(1)     Subsection (1A) applies where a person is, at any place other than a police station—

(a)     arrested by a constable for an offence, or

(b)     taken into custody by a constable after being arrested for an offence by a person other than a constable.

(1A)     The person must be taken by a constable to a police station as soon as practicable after the arrest.

(1B)     Subsection (1A) has effect subject to section 30A (release [of a person arrested elsewhere than at police station]) and subsection (7) (release without bail).]

(2)     Subject to subsections (3) and (5) below, the police station to which an arrested person is taken under [subsection (1A)] above shall be a designated police station.

(3)     A constable to whom this subsection applies may take an arrested person to any police station unless it appears to the constable that it m

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