30 Arrest elsewhere than at police station
30 Arrest elsewhere than at police station

[(1)     Subsection (1A) applies where a person is, at any place other than a police station—

(a)     arrested by a constable for an offence, or

(b)     taken into custody by a constable after being arrested for an offence by a person other than a constable.

(1A)     The person must be taken by a constable to a police station as soon as practicable after the arrest.

(1B)     Subsection (1A) has effect subject to section 30A (release [of a person arrested elsewhere than at police station]) and subsection (7) (release without bail).]

(2)     Subject to subsections (3) and (5) below, the police station to which an arrested person is taken under [subsection (1A)] above shall be a designated police station.

(3)     A constable to whom this subsection applies may take an arrested person to any police station unless it appears to the constable that it may be necessary to keep the arrested person in pol

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