16 Execution of warrants

16  Execution of warrants

(1)     A warrant to enter and search premises may be executed by any constable.

(2)     Such a warrant may authorise persons to accompany any constable who is executing it.

[(2A)     A person so authorised has the same powers as the constable whom he accompanies in respect of—

(a)     the execution of the warrant, and

(b)     the seizure [or detention] of anything to which the warrant relates.

(2B)     But he may exercise those powers only in the company, and under the supervision, of a constable.]

(3)     Entry and search under a warrant must be within [three months] from the date of its issue.

[(3A)     If the warrant is an all premises warrant, no premises which are not specified in it may be entered or searched unless a police officer of at least the rank of inspector has in writing authorised them to be entered.]

[(3B)     No premises may be entered or searched for the second or any subsequent time under a warrant which author

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