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The Utilities Law Review articles

Relevant articles

The Utilities Law Review provides a platform for review and discussion, both in Europe and internationally, of the legal and policy issues surrounding utilities law. The journal reports on the dynamic and quickly changing developments taking place in Europe and around the world in the utilities sector, from licensing to enforcement and issues arising from Brexit. These articles may be of interest to energy lawyers and can be linked to from this page. These articles are only available to Lexis®Library subscribers.

Publication DateArticleJurisdictionBrief description of article
1 January 2019Utilities procurement: the state of play before Brexit—(2019) 23(1) ULR: 18UK, EUThe EU utilities procurement regime was initiated in 1990 and was the third European legal instrument to regulate public procurement in supplies and works contracts in the transport, water, energy and telecommunications sectors, which were previously excluded from the relevant Supplies Procurement Directive and Works Procurement Directive. This article looks at the three reasons for the late regulation of utilities procurement and how it worked pre-Brexit.
1 December 2018One for All and All for One? The General Court Ruling in the OPAL Case—(2018) 22(6) ULR: 235InternationalWith its judgment of 10 September 2019, the General Court ('the court') annulled an earlier Commission decision to modify the exemption regime for the OPAL pipeline. The

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