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Life sciences cases tracker—UK

This Practice Note is intended to be used to track the progress of UK cases relevant to the life sciences sector.

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Supreme Court

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Secretary of State for Health and another (Appellants) v Servier Laboratories Ltd and others (Respondents)
[2021] UKSC 24: UKSC 2019/0172
2 July 2021: Supreme Court judgment delivered.
14 April 2021: Supreme Court hearing.
11 March 2020: Permission to appeal to the Supreme Court granted.
12 July 2019: Court of Appeal judgment delivered.
Damages claim following injunction in patent proceedings, patent applications and strike out, tortious unlawful interference with business to enforce a patent later invalidated
This case concerns Servier’s enforcement of the UK designation of its patent for the alpha crystalline form of the tert-butylamine salt of perindopril (in particular by obtaining injunctions against other pharmaceutical companies) and the later finding that the patent was invalid.
The Secretary

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