How to build and embed a knowledge-sharing culture

The following In-house Advisor practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • How to build and embed a knowledge-sharing culture
  • What is knowledge management?
  • What does good knowledge-sharing look like?
  • (1) Knowledge-sharing culture
  • (2) Top-down endorsement
  • (3) Technology
  • Creating a knowledge-sharing culture
  • (1) Assess the company’s culture
  • (2) Understand the barriers to a knowledge-sharing culture
  • (3) Encouraging knowledge-sharing
  • More...

How to build and embed a knowledge-sharing culture

The LexisNexis Learning Innovation and Knowledge Excellence (LIKE) forum met to discuss 'how to build and embed a knowledge-sharing culture' in an in-house legal team. The session was led by Hélène Russell, author and teacher in knowledge management and focused on the following key topics:

  1. understanding your organisation’s culture

  2. reducing barriers to knowledge-sharing

  3. promoting leadership buy-in

What is knowledge management?

Hélène opened the session with an introduction to knowledge management and defined it as:

'The capabilities by which communities within an organisation capture the knowledge that is critical to them, constantly improve it and make it available in the most effective manner to those people who need it, so that they can exploit it creatively to add value as part of their work'. – British Standards Institute/Shell

In essence, what you are managing is all the behaviours around knowledge and exploiting the value. Knowledge management is a cycle where you capture, organise and learn lessons from work, and research suggests that businesses that are better at knowledge management and sharing learn lessons more quickly and are more agile and efficient.

What does good knowledge-sharing look like?

The forum discussed what knowledge management looks like in their companies and agreed that good knowledge management requires a knowledge-sharing culture, top-down endorsement and technology.

(1) Knowledge-sharing culture

  1. having a mind-set where people use the systems in place

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