Acceptance testing clause
Acceptance testing clause

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  • Acceptance testing clause

  1. 1


  2. Acceptance Tests

    1. means the tests designed and agreed in accordance with clause 2 to verify that the Software meets the requirements of[ this Agreement, including] the Specification[ and [specify any other relevant documentation]][ in all material respects] including:

      1. (a)

        a description of the tests that should be run in order to demonstrate that the Software meets all applicable requirements;

      2. (b)

        the results which must be achieved in order for the Software to meet all applicable requirements;

      3. (c)

        any specific requirements with regard to types and volumes of data to be used when running the tests; and

      4. (d)

        any independent standards to be observed when running the tests;

      [, or failing any such agreement, the Supplier’s standard test procedures;]

    Conditional Pass

    1. means that the Software has failed the SAT but with only Minor Defects;

    Factory Acceptance Testing

    1. shall have the meaning given to it in clause 3.1 of this Agreement and FAT shall be interpreted accordingly;

    Full Pass

    1. means that the Software has passed the SAT;

    Implementation Plan

    1. means the timing and sequence of events agreed between the Customer and the Supplier for the performance of this Agreement

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