Part VI Miscellaneous Repeals

ChapterShort TitleExtent of Repeal
2 & 3 Vict c 47Metropolitan Police Act 1839Section 7.
34 & 35 Vict c 96Pedlars Act 1871In section 18, the words from “or” where secondly occurring to “Act,” and the words from “and forthwith” to the end of the section.
1964 c 48Police Act 1964Section 49.
Section 50.
1967 c 77Police (Scotland) Act 1967Section 5(3) and section 17(6).
1972 c 11Superannuation Act 1972In Schedule 1, the reference to the Police Complaints Board.
1975 c 24House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975In Part II of Schedule 1, the entry relating to

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