[75E Entitlement to shared parental leave: birth]

[Chapter IB
Shared Parental Leave]

[75E  Entitlement to shared parental leave: birth]

[(1)     The Secretary of State may make regulations entitling an employee who satisfies specified conditions—

(a)     as to duration of employment,

(b)     as to being, or expecting to be, the mother of a child,

(c)     as to caring or intending to care, with another person (“P”), for the child,

(d)     as to entitlement to maternity leave,

(e)     as to the exercise of that entitlement and the extent of any such exercise,

(f)     as to giving notice of an intention to exercise an entitlement to leave under this subsection, and

(g)     as to the consent of P to the amount of leave under this subsection that the employee intends to take,

to be absent from work on leave under this subsection for the purpose of caring for the child.

(2)     Regulations under subsectio

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