323 Individual support orders: consequential amendments

323  Individual support orders: consequential amendments

(1)     The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (c 37) is amended as mentioned in subsections (2) to (5).

(2)     In section 4 of that Act (appeals against orders)—

(a)     in subsection (1) after “an anti-social behaviour order” there is inserted “, an individual support order”, and

(b)     in subsection (3) after “1(8)” there is inserted “, 1AB(6)”.

(3)     In section 18(1) of that Act (interpretation of Chapter 1)—

(a)     after the definition of “curfew notice” there is inserted—

““individual support order” has the meaning given by section 1AA(2) above;”, and

(b)     in the definition of

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